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About Cest Bon

C'est Bon is now under new ownership, and as new owners we look forward to providing you with the same great recipes that you have come to love, as well as introducing exciting new C'est Bon Products!


The original recipe for C'est Bon Pepper Sauce was created by Maw Maw Mitt (Elida Trahan) in Saint Martinville, La. three generations ago around 1939. She made the sauce only for her family and friends and as the years passed she handed down the recipe to her children. Elida's sauce is not just red pepper and vinegar.

It is a thick blend of three types of peppers along with other choice seasonings that is cooked to perfection to combine several flavors into one unique, not too hot, true Cajun delight. In 1949, the Trahan family moved to East Texas and before long Elida was making her special hot sauce for all of her new Texas friends.

Through the years, the family continued making the sauce and in 1990 Elida's daughter, Elsie LeBlanc, and grandson Tim combined the seasonings used in the original recipe to create Spicy Ketchup and Season All. They decided to begin selling the three products commercially.

After much prayer, they decided to name the company after the way that their French speaking Cajun friend described the product, "C'est Bon". Today many thousands of people across the US have become loyal customers. They know that whenever you put a little of our product on any dish, you too will say C'est Bon (It's Good).

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